Comprehensive Minebushido Survival Server Guide

There are a few plugins and commands we currently use in our server that would be great use for players. I hope that this guide would provide useful and a great reference to commands for everyone.

The purpose of this guide is to support new players coming into a Minecraft Server to get comfortable with the server commands and mechanics of MineBushido!

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Firstly, lets start of with:

We warmly welcome you to MineBushido!

But we also have rules and they are here:

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Section 1: Introduction


When you first join the server, you will be spawned at the Hub. You can look around the hub world if you like, or join Survival by holding the compass and right-clicking. A GUI menu will show and the first option is the Survival server. Click on it to enter!

Once you join Survival for the first time, you will start at spawn. There are a few familiar NPCs that you might recognize standing or walking around so take a look if you have time!

Your first home - Random Teleport

As a default player, you are given 1 x /home and 1 x /warp! Let's begin by getting yourself a home to build by randomly teleporting through the survival world.


This command should teleport you at a random location in the Survival world.

You may keep using this command until you find the perfect biome suitable for your needs, then continue to the next step!

Your first home - Claims

Once you find an area of land that you would like to build your house, make sure to run /sethome so that you can go back here again using the /home command.


Set your current location as home.


Warp back to your home.

You should also claim your land first by using the claim tool. You can get it by /kit claim

/kit claim

Receive the claim kit.

Use those tools to claim your land! This should prevent others from griefing your home.

Starter money

You will have $50 as your starting balance. If you would like to earn some money, you can sell items to /shop!


Open the shop GUI - buy/sell items

We currently have a server farm at warp /farm

At the farm, you can harvest a range of crops, meat and animal produce for free. The crops will automatically replant at an interval as you harvest them and the animals will automatically spawn! Here you can look around and may spot some recognisable NPCs.


Warp to the server farm.


When you vote on the 6 voting sites with your in-game name for MineBushido, you receive fly time and gacha tickets! You can visit for the links and more information.


Opens the Vote GUI

You can exchange your gacha tickets at /warp crates and receive prizes such as McMmo levels, claimblocks, money, etc!

/warp crates

Warp to the server crates

After voting, you will also receive fly! Fly accumulates and is not deducted if you're not flying - which means that you can save a ton of fly and use it when you want!


Toggles fly

When you enable fly, there will be a text at the bottom near your actionbar with the remaining fly time left.

Teleporting to others

Here are the commands to teleport to others or request a teleport.

/tpa <player>

Sends a teleport request to the player

/tpahere <player>

Request for the other player to come to you

After using those commands, the other party will need to accept the request by using /tpaccept within a time limit or you will need to send it again!


Accepts the teleport request

To be continued

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